Vin israélien cacher le'Pessah de luxe, Genève, Suisse

Yaffo – Hommage Red

30.0 CHF

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Yaffo Hommage – 2014 – Dry

50% Syrah & 50% Merlot 

The Vineyards: The Merlot grapes are grown in a high quality plot adjacent to the winery in the Ellah Valley. The vineyard is located at a height of 400 meters above sea level. The Syrah grapes are grown in the Shoresh vineyard near Jerusalem some 700 meters above sea level.

The clusters on the vines are thinned to produce a limited but high quality yield that does not exceed 700 Kg per dunam. The harvest is handpicked to preserve the grape until the processing.

The Winemaking Process: After separation from the stems, the wine is fermented with the skins for 10 days. Afterwards the skins are pressed to extract the remaining juices. The wine goes through a further fermentation and is then transferred into the barrels. The blending is done a month prior to bottling which is accomplished gravitationally without pressure.

Barrel Aging: French and American Oak for 15 months. The wine goes through a fining process prior to bottling.

Character: A wonderful blend of the soft fruitiness and fresh herbs of Merlot together with the earthiness and oak of the Syrah

Serving Suggestions: An excellent accompaniment to oven roasted lamb and other flavor rich dishes

Aging Potential: 10 years from harvest

Alchohol: 13.5%

Israeli Kosher boutique wine – Geneva, Switzerland