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Yaffo – Hommage Chardonnay

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Yaffo Hommage Chardonnay – 2017

100%   Chardonnay – Dry

The Vineyards:  The Chardonnay grapes which are hand picked are sourced from quality plots located in vineyards in the Ellah Valley adjacent to the winery and in vineyards in the Ramot Menashe region  northeast of Zichron Yakov.

The Winemaking Process:  The wine is produced with a combination of new and old world techniques. The grapes are separated from their stems as they enter the winery and are immediately pressed. The wine is separated from the residue and undergoes cold fermentation

The Aging Process: The wine is aged in the Sur Lie style for 6 months unoaked, a process that produces a fruity, acidic and fresh wine that is natural and pleasant.

Wine Characteristics: This is an impressive Chardonnay with melon, pear, and tropical aromas together with citrus fruit. It has a long finish

Serving Suggestions: Goes extremely well with fish, sushi, spicy dishes, and creamed pasta dishes

Serving Temperature:  10 -12 degrees Celsius

Aging Potential:  The wine will continue to age for 5 years from harvest

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