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Neve Midbar Lavan

27.0 CHF

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A blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20%  Sauvignon blanc  from Halutza Vineyard.
The Vineyards – The manually-picked, harvested grapes are picked in the early morning and come from a winery owned plot in the Ramat Negev area, near the Kadesh Barnea village. The plots in Halutza Vineyard were planted in 2005 on the West-hand side of the village. The vineyard was gross on loess soil, sand and lime at 300 meter high. The vineyards benefit from the extreme temperature differences and dryness that characterize the desert area.
The Wine-making Process – The grapes get crushed and are separated right away from their peel., for preservation of the initial liquid’s light color. After that, the grape juice goes through a cold soak in stainless steel tanks in order to become a clean liquid before the fermentation process begins. The wine then undergoes slow and cole fermentation to preserve the fruit, natural scent and flavor. When this process is complete, the wine undergoes initial decantation and is placed in stainless steel tanks, at a low temperature in order to prevent malolactic fermentation. Once the wine is stabilized, it is filtered and bottled.Color – An almost transparent yellowish-green. The wine is stabilized at a cold temperature.Serving Recommendation – The wine is dry and has a pleasant acidity to it. Serve wine chilled at 8 degrees celcius. Neve Midbar white pairs beautifully with fish and chicken dishes. It also has a special after-taste and scent of tropical fruit, and therefore tastes delicious with seasoned dishes and Asian cuisine.– Analysis
Brix – 24.4
PH – 3.65
General Acidity – 5.9
Filling Date – 10.14
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