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Ramat Negev (RN) Winery

A dream come true in the Negev Desert

The very first boutique family-owned winery in the Negev, was created in 1997 by Alon and Nira  Zadok. Their dream was to establish a winery with grapes grown in the Negev-Desert. First they planted 2.47 acres of the Cabernet Sauvignon near Kadesh Barnea village, despite the sceptics view that  that quality grapes could not grow in the desert. Their first wine production went to market in 2000 and lo and behold, sold out immediately, for the unusual climatic conditions combined with their tender loving care of the vines, turned out to be a big advantage rather than a disadvantage like they had initially thought.

Inspired by this success, they planted an additional 2.47 acres of Merlot and once again they rapidly ran out of stock. Litlle by little Alon planted larger and larger crops and produced larger quantities of wine. His wine’s resounding success convinced his family to join in and launch the Kadesh Barnea Winery. But they didn’t want to be just another home-grown winery; they had greater aspirations. So the couple send their eldest son, Yogev and his wife Eden off to study the secrets of winemaking in Italy. The young couple put their noses to the grindstone, and did a 3-year course in wine technology in Florence, Italy, and upon their return applied their knowledge to the burgeoning family enterprise. With such valuable input and such enthusiasm it is hardly surprising that the enterprise grew steadily.

Over time Kadesh Barnea winery has branched out to a larger area of land all over the Negev, and is now called Ramat Negev Winery. The family has planted plots of Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes as well. The purchase of cutting-edge winemaking equipment has helped create top notch boutique wine that is pleasing palates far and wide.

Zimbalista Winery

The Zimbalista Winery is a quality boutique winery located in Moshav Avigdor – North of the Negev Desert. The winery, owned & managed by Elena Zimbalista, specializes in growing & producing quality white wines inspired by the white wines of Sicily & Southern Italy.  The grapes are harvested from selected parcels owned by the winery.  The first vineyard was planted in 2002 & the first harvest was held in 2005.At present, the winery produces about 12,000 bottles of only white wine – Chardonnay, Muscat, & Sauvignon Blanc.  The wines from this winery are Kosher.

Ezuz – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On the southern side of the Nizana Plain, on the Sinai border, between the rocky desert hills of the Ezuz Stream, there lies an organic olive grove – a green island in the heart of the desert.Love of the desert and of working the land, and the vision of settling the Negev motivated Doron Akiva to settle in Ezuz and plant the organic olive grove on the remnants of an ancient agricultural farm at Ezuz Stream.This desert region boasts a magnificent ancient tradition of desert settlement and agriculture, dating back to the days of the kingdoms of Israel and Judea and through the Nabatean period, a tradition culminating in the Byzantine era.The desert climate, soil and slightly salty water, along with the attention, thought and love with which the olive trees are tended and the oil produced give our oil its high quality aromatic flavor. Esus Organic oil is  a members of the Israel Bio Organic Agriculture Association and its  strictly Kosher, as well as Kosher for Passover.

Neptune Food Products

Family business, which was established in 1981, on the basis of a love of food in general, and spices in particular. The family’s connection to food, and to the desire to enhance it with all-encompassing flavors, is planted somewhere in faraway India, where the family’s ancestors traded in spices, and specialized in herb mixes,the secret of which is safely guarded to this day.

In order to add flavor to food, and make it available toboth amateurs and professional chefs, gourmands and those who want to enjoy simple daily meals, Neptune products provide customers with a range of spices, seasoning mixes and spreads.

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