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About Us

Negev Desert is a young and vibrant Swiss-Israeli company that was created in 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. We are driven by our curiosity about the desert region and our love of wine. Our main goal is to share the beauty of desert products with our clients. We are dedicated to discovering new and exceptional desert products, in particular desert wine of the Negev region.
Negev Desert  garantee that all our products are of the highest quality and standard.
The Negev has been the stage of great moments of history. Abraham established his home in Be’er Sheva, the Nabateans passed through it on caravans of camels laden with precious goods. The Negev today has become one of Israel’s most popular tourist sites.
Many different peoples have populated the Negev since times immemorial. The unusual climatic conditions in the Negev desert together with the loamy soil combine to give the grapes a unique taste. Moreover, the Negev’s scarce rainfall, temperatures plunging to 4 degrees Celcius and soaring up to 40 degrees Celcius during the day creat uniquely tender grapes.
Israeli Kosher boutique wine and food Geneva,Switzerland

Delivery all Over Switzerland – Geneva , Zurich , Basel , etc…